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    Welcome to our forum. We’d love to hear from you and for you to join in the discussions of all things wedding! In order to make this a happy place we have some rules that should be followed at all times.

    In posts, please avoid using all upper case, we can hear you ☺ No need to shout. Please also avoid using txt speak.

    Do not use offensive language that is insulting, libellous, racist, or aggressive about a company or individual. This includes the use of swear words. Do not post comments that are libellous or defamatory that could cause a retailer to lose business.

    Do not post any images or use profile avatars that can be deemed offensive, including that of a violent or pornographic nature.

    Do not promote websites that contain inappropriate material, or those that are in direct competition with

    Do not post spam. Any person that does this will be removed from the website, along with their posts.

    Do not use a post to solely solicit business. Listed businesses are allowed to respond to posts that ask for more information about related products or services. Unlisted businesses should not use our forum to promote themselves.

    Do not use duplicate posts, or register more than once.

    Do not use or link to images from 3rd party websites without their permission.

    Do not use inappropriate language in a login name. Unlisted businesses should not use their company name as their login name. Those listed in our weddingworkers directory are allowed to do so.

    The forum moderator’s decision is final. Anyone deemed to be breaking the rules may be removed from the website, and have their posts deleted.

    By registering with the wedding forum you consent that all content you create on the forum is free of copyright at the point of submission and can be used by

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